What Is Archive And How To Locate Archive Gmail Message

What Is Archive And How To Locate Archive Gmail Message?

Archiving is a simple way of making your inbox a little more clutter free. When you think that your inbox is too full and you have certain old emails which you don’t need to refer to frequently, you can just archive those messages. It is like moving your mails to a different folder but it is not deleting or moving your mails to trash box. When you archive of message is your messages are not lost or deleted. Messages in the archive are not deleted every 30 days as it is done in the trash box. Therefore it is a little different and a useful feature that allows you to access your mails and whenever you want. However, you must remember the mail you are looking for because unlike other folders, you will just not see the mail lying there, you will have to search for it.

To find an archived mail all you need to do is, click on the All Mails option. With this you will be able to see the list of all mails you have received. Also by typing on the search box you will be able to locate the archived message. There is knows such folders that you can see visibly very you can look for the archived mails. There is another way to look for the archived messages. You have to go to the search box and click on the downward arrow. When you do that you will find a dialog box opening wherein you will have to enter the specifications of the message you are looking for. And then you will have to search for the message.

In this manner you should be able to find your archived message. By using the above method you can be more specific and the chances of finding your messages are more. This process is also quicker, the reason being you are able to enter how old the message is. Suppose you are looking for a message which is more than six months old, you can enter it in the criterion and also other specifications, which will filter all the recent messages and will only, show messages of the similar specifications that you received six months ago.

In order to resolve the problem of archived messages you should get in touch with technical support service of Gmail Customer Support team if you are not able to understand what to do and how to look for archived messages. The toll free Gmail help line is meant to provide quality remedies to users at all times.


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