Window Live Mail Password Recovery Steps

Are you a Windows Live Mail user and you forgot your account password? If yes then there is no need to get worried as you can easily manage and access your Windows Live Hotmail, as there are a number of ways through which you can recovery your mail password in an efficient manner.

As password recovery is tough job but in case you have an alternate recovery mail or phone number liked with your account then you don’t get panic. Simply use the Password Recovery process and recovery your password in few simple clicks.

In this piece of write up you will get complete details about how to recovery your Windows live mail password. Forgetting the password will make you frustrate because you will not be to carry out most of your everyday jobs which may be very significant and fundamental for you. Follow the steps given below and resolve the issue instantly. There are mainly two ways to fix this issue have a look at both of them:

Automatic Recovery Method

  • First of all in automatic recovery method you can simply download and install Password Recovery Bundle which will help you to recover your password automatically.
  • Now after downloading run the Password Recovery Bundle.
  • Then tap on the Start Recovery button option and bring up a drop-down menu that will show all password types.
  • Choose a Password from the Windows Live Mail Password option.
  • This recovery bundle program will robotically search the profile of Windows Live Mail on the computer and help you in recovering of your account password stored in Windows Live Mail.

Manual Recovery Method

In the manual method you have to launch Windows Live Mail.

Afterwards tap on your email account on the left panel, and select Properties from the menu.

Now tap on the Server tab.

In case your account is remembered by Windows Live Mail, then the password space will automatically be filled with asterisk (‘****’) characters in the password box.

After this run Password Recovery Bundle.

Tap on the Start Recovery button, and then choose the Asterisk Password option.

Finally you will get the recovery tool on screen tap on the icon drag the icon simply to the password box doing this will help you in finding the hidden under asterisks password.

If you are still not able to recover your account password then you can simply dial a toll-free Window live mail support helpline number and get quality assistance from the experts instantly.


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