Fix Extremely Slow Performance Issue with Window Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is free software by Microsoft which offers simple e-mail services to users. Although, the new version – Mail App has been introduced for Windows 8 and 10 but it is still the best for older operating system. So, if you have an older version of Windows; Window Live Mail is a good email management option. Its’ user friendly interface and light platform ensures faster performance. This mailing system automatically blocks spam mails, viruses and promotional mails. However, sometimes users do experience slow performance issue. Some of the major reasons for slow response of Window Live Mail are registry errors, potential threats or application file folder issues in your operating system. These errors need to be removed quickly to avoid further complexity. Here are some solutions to fix extremely slow performance issue with Windows Live Mail:


Identify Potential Threats

There might be potential threats in your system which can adversely affect the performance of installed software. You can install a good threat scanner program to detect such threats and fix them. This will certainly improve the performance of all installed program along with Windows Live Mail.


Repair Registry

If you want the Window Live Mail to start without any delay; install an efficient optimizer program. This optimizer program will allow you to completely scan the registry and thus clearing the pile of unused and leftover entries in the system restart. Once this is done, notice the improvement in the functioning of installed apps and Windows Live Mail.


Delete the Extra Account

Window Live Mail provides a feature to add an extra Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other email account with it. This probably slow down the performance of Windows Live Mail account. If you have added any extra account, delete it and then check the performance of Window Live Mail.


Stop the Simultaneous Processes

When Windows Live mail launches, many processes or updates start automatically and run simultaneously. Stopping theses process might also help in improving the performance of your email account.


Here is what you can do:


Press Ctrl+Shift+O to open Options menu and then click Change on the Connection tab. Most of the users don’t find any active entries on this page. Now click LAN Settings and deselect the automatically detect settings. Click Ok twice and click the Stop signing in option if it is active. This will disable sign in to Windows Live services and stop the contacts and calendar updates. Now re-launch the program to see improvements.


Delete your Current Account and Create a New One

If it is not the operating system then it is your Window Live Mail account. The slow loading of the account can be due to corrupt configuration file. In such a case, you are advised to delete the existing account, restart your systems and then create a new account. This will reset the corrupt configuration file.


If you are still struggling with slow Window Live Mail performance, contact customer care support service toll free helpline number of Windows Live Mail.


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