MSN Email not working properly’ Problem Fixed

When users post a query ‘MSN Email not working properly’, it means either they are not able to access their mailbox or they are not able to send or receive any email message via their account. In both the scenario the benefit of having an email account is nullified. So, here are all the possible fixes which can be applied to resolve this issue. Try them out and one of them will certainly work for you as they are combined from various tech forums. All these are useful answers which worked for different users. Let’s get started with them:

  • Make sure you are connected to a working internet connection. Check it by opening any website on your web browser.
  • If you are connected over a network, get in touch with the network administrator. There may be some firewall which is resisting you from accessing your email account.
  • The volume of emails, number of recipients and type of messages are restricted under MSN security regulations. These are set to reduce spam email messages. Make sure you are not practicing any spamming activity. Add a phone number to your account for verification and increase the email limit.
  • Force a full refresh of MSN official website by pressing CTRL+F5 together.
  • Clearing the temporary cache and cookies of your web browser also help in accessing MSN email service. This is to make sure that you are seeing the latest version of the web page.
  • Clear local DNS (Domain Name System) to get access to latest cache that your ISP offers. In Windows, go to Start >Command Prompt>type “ipconfig/flushdns” and press enter.
  • You can also use free DNS services such as Google Public DNS if the website is accessible at office but not from your computer.
  • If you are accessing your MSN email through mobile devices, remove your MSN account from the mobile app and re-add it.
  • There is also a condition when other Microsoft account such as Hotmail or Outlook works fine while MSN doesn’t work. It indicates that there is no problem with the server or account settings. You just need to fresh the MSN email logs. Steps for doing so are easily available online. You can also seek technical help.

In case these tips don’t help you, you can report your issue to official Microsoft community. Another option is to contact independent email service providers as they offer 24 hours assistance. Browse for them and get MSN Email technical support service.

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